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urce of▓ficer at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina, manhandling an African-American school girl drew inten▓se criticism. The officer grabbed the g▓irl, who used her cell phone during class, by the neck, flipped her over ▓and dragged her across the floor. Fields in 2013 was named as a defendant in a federal lawsuit that claimed he "unfairly and recklessly targets African-Americ▓an students." The U.S. National Associatio▓n for the Advancement of Colored People criticized that such violence "doesn't affect white students". Victoria Middleton, th

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e executive director for the South Carolina branch of the▓ American Civil Liberties Union, said that regardless▓ of the reason for the officer's actions, such egregious use of force - against young people who were sitting in▓ their classrooms - was outrageous. "School should▓ be a place to learn and grow, not a place to be brutalized." (abcnews.go.com, October 28, 2015)VI. Gross Violations of Human Rights in Other ▓CountriesIn 2015, the United States▓ continue

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d to trample on human rights in other countries, causing tremendous civilian ca▓sualties. Its overseas monitoring projects infri▓nged on the privacy of citizens of other countries while torture scandals at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp ▓continued. Up to date, the United States has not▓ ratified some core human rights conventions

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of the United Nations and voted against some important h▓uman rights resolutions.Air strikes caused a large num▓ber of civilian casualties. According to Airwars,▓ a project aimed at tracking air strikes in the Middle Eas▓t, the United States had repeatedly organized coalition forces to launch air strikes against military forces in Iraq and Syria since August 8, 2014. As of December 6, 2015, the United States launched 3,965 air strikes in Iraq and 2,823 in Syria, causing an estimated number of civil▓ian deaths between 1,695 and 2,239 (www.airwars.org).

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The Syrian government called U.S.-led coalition air strikes an "act of aggression" (www.independent.co.uk, December 7, 2015). On O▓ctober 3, 2015, a hospital run by aid group "Doctors Without Borders" in the city of Kunduz in Afghani▓stan was under a bombing that continued for half an hour. Many patients who were unable to move were killed on site, while some staff of the aid group were shot at from the air while fleeing the hospital. A total of 42 people were killed in the air strike, with some bodies charred beyond recognition (www.sputnikne▓ws.co

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m, December 12, 2015; www.abcne▓ws.go.com, October 5, 2015).A frequent use of drones claimed many innocent lives. According to an ▓October 15, 2015 report run by Daily Mail web▓site, when carrying out drone assassinations, the U.S. military used "pho▓ne data alone" -- a limited way of guaranteeing a ki▓ll. During Operation Haymaker, a campaign in northe▓astern Afghanistan which ran between January 2012 and February 2013, some 219 people were killed by drones but just 35 were the intended targets. During another five-month stretch of th▓e operation, a st

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aggering 90 percent of those killed were▓ not the intended target. Despite this▓ all the deaths were labeled EKIA, or "enemy killed in action." (www.dailymail.co.uk,▓ October 15, 2015). A report posted on April 24, 20▓15 by The Washington Post on its website said a study, which documented 415 strikes in Pakistan and Yemen since the September 11, 2001 attacks, put the t▓otal number of killed civilians between 423 and 962 (www▓.washingtonpost.com, April 24, 2015). The abuse of drone strikes not only drew ▓widespread criticism from international community,

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but also incurred strong doubt from U.S. scholars. Th▓e Washington Post posted an article on March 20, 2015, intr▓oducing to its readers two books on drones - Kill C▓hain: The Rise of the High-Tech Assassins, by Andrew Cockburn, and A Theory of the Drones, by Gregoire Chamayou. Cockburn sees America's killer drone policy▓ as "the culmination of a historical pattern of lies, deception and greed in th▓e deployment of lethal military force around the world" and▓ as "a continuation of previous U.S. assassination▓ policy." Failing miserably to achieve the count

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